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Exclusively at Sparkle Nordics.

Aqua Gustus limited edition Sparkle kit

With Aqua Gustus natural aromas, you can easily flavour and carbonated water. The clean and healthy seasonings contains fruits, berries, flowers and herbs, enriched with vitamins and minerals. Completely without artificial additives, sweeteners or sugar. Discovery the delicious flavours with this amazing box.

Get 9 bottles for 6 - only 589.00 kr

Only valid for a short limited time!
Regular price for 9 bottles: 834.00 kr

How do I use it?

Spray your glass with 3-5 sprays depending on your personal taste and pour still or sparkling water into your glass.

50 ml is enough for about 13-20 liters of flavored water.

Contains 9 bottles flavouring up to 180 liters of water:
1x Strawberry, rhubarb & ginger - Vitamin D, B5, B6
2x Dragon fruit, lime & mint - Vitamin D, B3, Zinc
2x Orange, lime & lemon balm - Vitamin C, D, Zinc
2x Raspberry, Mango & Hibiscus - Vitamin D, B3, B6
2x Apple, pomegranate & rose - Vitamin D, B3, B5