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Premium Coffee’s Use Of Cookies

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Premium Coffee’s websites and web services can use cookies. Cookies allow us to use shopping carts, customize our sites based on visitor activity, see which pages of the websites visitors visited, measure the effectiveness of our ads and search engines, as well as gain insight into user habits so that we can improve our communication and our products.

To turn off cookies in Safari browser, open Settings, open the Privacy Protection panel, and then select to block cookies. On iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, open Settings, open Safari, and then the Cookies panel. If you are using another browser, ask your provider about how to turn off cookies.

Because we use cookies on all of our sites, you may no longer be able to use any part of the website if you turn off cookies. The cookies we use on our websites have been divided into different categories based on the guidelines in the ICC UK Cookie Guide.

We use the following categories of cookies on our websites and for other web services:

Required cookies

These cookies are required to enable core site functionality and are automatically enabled when you use the site. Without these cookies, you can not use services like shopping carts and e-invoices.

Functional cookies

These cookies enable additional functionality like saving preferences, allowing social interactions, and analyzing usage for site optimization. This information can be used to improve our websites and make it easier for you to navigate.

Advertising cookies

Using these cookies, the websites can remember different choices you make when browsing. For example, we can store information about your geographical location in a cookie, thus making sure you're directed to the local site for your area. We can also save settings for text size, fonts, and other customizable elements on the sites. These cookies can also be used to keep track of the selected products and videos you previously displayed so that the same content is not displayed again. The information stored in these cookies can not be used to identify you or to track your activities on websites other than Premium Coffee Sweden AB.

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