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The relationships power builder

Many companies are using contemporary technologies, office layout and flexible working as tools for both recruitment and retention, this can have far-reaching implications for employers. Changing office environments and working practices are influencing employees’ relationships with co-workers, as well as their creativity and productivity. How do we know? Well, we asked 7’800 office workers.

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Nespresso connects people

“Communications technology has been shown to increase the risk of miscommunication – meaning it may not only slow the growth of relationships, but also harm them, leading to social isolation and loneliness for some.

Here are three tips to improve your social relationship at work. 1. If you work remotely, don’t do it all the time. 2. Put regular time in the diary to meet your colleagues. 3. Make an effort to chat – why not grab a coffee with your colleagues every now and again?” - Dr. Rachel Lewis, associate professor in occupational and business psychology, Kingston University.

  • 30 %
    of respondents admitted to knowing their colleagues very well, despite 84% believing that good relationship means better work. This indicates that modern office practices are transforming employees’ interactions, with negative impact on collaboration and productivity.
  • 48 %
    complained that new technology was stopping them getting to know their workmates. This prevalence, including video conferencing and other collaboration tools, are seen as obstacles to colleagues getting to know each other properly.
  • 95 %
    said that the quality of the workspace is important to their mental health.

    Whilst opinions may be divided on the design of an ideal modern workplace, it is clear that getting it right critical to employee’s wellbeing.

Source: Global survey of 7’800 office workers conducted by OnePoll in January 2019.

"Nice to meet you", the hidden value of Nespresso

Respondents said 3 to 5 meetings are the optimum to bring a new idea into effect. Despite more companies encouraging remote working, the majority of respondents felt face-to-face interactions were critical to developing good relationships.

That’s why Coffee breaks are so key to enriching employees’ relationships, and Nespresso Professional help to transform a quick chat into a quality conversation.

Nespresso Professional, the best choice for your company

Quality coffee, quality conversation, quality at work: a cup of Nespresso can speak volumes! With Nespresso Professional, you offer the highest coffee quality and diversity to your employees, customers and clients, with customized solutions for all office venues, as well as a dedicated service.

As is the hidden value of the office, Nespresso Professional is the best relationships power builder you could grant to your teams, clients and partners, with unique assets.

Our solutions for hotels, restaurants, cafés and fine fining

By investing in gourmet quality coffee, you invest not only in great taste and image, but also in guest well-being with constant quality and business profitability. Discover our professional solutions dedicated to hotels, restaurants and cafés, and of course fine dining establishment.

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  • Ideal for high coffee consumption in self-served environment.
  • Capsule recognition & recommendation of recipes for our 16 coffee varieties.
  • Smart Maintenance with IoT technology.


  • Ideal for meeting rooms and offices with 10-30 employees.
  • Forward-thinking design, flexible to use, and double head for 2 simultaneous coffee preparations.
  • Milk-based recipes available.


  • Ideal for offices from 30 to +100 employees.
  • Signature in-cup quality for high volume and capacity for 5 liters of fresh milk.
  • With 2-4 extraction heads and milk-based recipes at the touch of a button.


  • Ideal for small office with 0-10 employees.
  • Easy to use, efficient, fast and high output.
  • 2 liters water tank for high autonomy.