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During the day, coffee breaks are key to enriching employee relationships, and Nespresso coffee and machines for offices help transform a quick chat into a quality conversation. During a meeting, the coffee break provides a welcome pause and an opportunity to discuss and share ideas in a relaxed manner.

Offering a great quality cup of coffee shows you care about small details and it creates a positive impression of your workplace. As well as providing an enjoyable moment for colleagues and employees, studies show that serving Nespresso can increase profitability*!

* Source: Strategic research 2014

  • 90 % of customers think that serving Nespresso coffee creates a positive image of the company*
  • 83 % of customers think it shows the brand cares about its customers*
  • 82 % of customers this it shows the brand is modern*

*Source: Strategic Research 2014

A dedicated range of professional coffee machines,

designed to meet your office needs.


  • Ideal for small office with 0-10 employees.
  • Easy to use, efficient, fast and high output.
  • 2 liters water tank for high autonomy.


  • Ideal for meeting rooms and offices with 10-30 employees.
  • Forward-thinking design, flexible to use, and double head for 2 simultaneous coffee preparations.
  • Milk-based recipes available.

Aguila 220

  • Ideal för kontor med 30-100 personer.
  • Två brygghuvuden som garanterar hög kapacitet och kvalitet.
  • Ett stort urval av kafferecept och med kapacitet för 5 liter färsk mjölk.

Aguila 420

  • Ideal for offices with +100 employees.
  • Signature in-cup quality for high volume and capacity for 5 liters of fresh milk.
  • With 4 extraction heads and milk-based recipes at the touch of a button.

Invest in a premium coffee solution to accelerate your business.

Choose the best coffee solution for your office - Nespresso Professional

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