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Nespresso Coffee Experts are also acutely aware of the need to continually deliver exceptional, surprising and new coffee experiences to customers.

The perfect coffee does influence a restaurant customer's experience: rounding off a meal or stopping for a richly sensorial coffee can generate strong emotional connections. Indeed the right coffee can be a true differentiator in creating attention to detail for customers.

  • 35 % boost your coffee sales*
  • x5 share of milk based recipes*
  • 26 % elevate your coffee menu price*

*Source: Average sell-out, Dec 2011 - May 2012, 11 European Nespresso customers.

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Reliable and efficient coffee solutions

Combining streamlined design and state-of-the-art technology, all professional-grade machines for cafes and restaurants are equipped with an exclusive extraction system. Ristrettos, Espressos, Lungos or any one of our delicious milk-based coffee recipes can be prepared simply and quickly.

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Indulgent moments build your business

Serving delicious, and bespoke beverages can significantly contribute to the success of your establishment. Customers today are fast becoming coffee connoisseurs and many will go out of their way to seek a great coffee.

Nespresso can enhance the coffee offering of your cafe or restaurant by adding incomparable milk mousse to our exceptional quality Grands Crus.

All Nespresso Grands Crus can be used to prepare the most elaborate recipes at the touch of a button. Nespresso professional machines benefit from the latest technological advances, including silky rich milk mousse. Hot or cold, the result is always consistent and perfect.

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