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Nespresso Professional “SMART“


Effective as of February 1st 2020.

Slim, stylish, hygienic, automatic hand gel dispensing stations

With premium aesthetics, the X4 dispenser give you the opportunity to keep people safe at your entrances in a very elegant and convenient way.

These terms and conditions (the "Subscription Terms") apply when a Customer sets up a NESPRESSO PROFESSIONAL "SMART" subscription contract which includes machine (new & pre-used), installation, service, coffee & quarterly delivery (volume depends on choice of subscription plan). NESPRESSO PROFESSIONAL "SMART" is an easy and convenient way to rent a Nespresso Professional machine with a selection of coffees in regular intervals (quarterly).

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions (https://www.nespresso.premiumcoffee.se/terms-and-conditions/), these specific Terms and Conditions will apply to the customers who join the Nespresso Professional “SMART” solution and the choice of subscription Plans, prevailing these particular conditions over the general ones, in everything that might be contradictory.

Premium Coffee Sweden (hereafter “PC SE”) compromises to share with the customer, based on a the lending contract, the coffee machine(s) and capsule dispenser(s), of which Nespresso owns the inalienable property and which aim is to be used exclusively with Nespresso Professional products, provided for this type of machines.

In return for the lending, the customer compromises to consume, exclusively, Nespresso Pro capsules, supplied by Nespresso for this type of machines, in the terms contracted for the chosen subscription plan described. PC SE can modify its price subscription plan pricing list, informing the customer about this change with a minimum advance of 30 days, in which cases the customer may terminate the previous contract within that period.

When you set up a NESPRESSO PROFESSIONAL "SMART" subscription, a contract will be formed between:

Premium Coffee Sweden AB (“Nespresso” or "we"), a company registered in Sweden, (556683-4189) whose registered office is at Mariehällsvägen 37B, 16865, Bromma.

The “Company” or “you”: any individual who purchase B2B products.

Nespresso reserves the right not to accept your application and no contract will arise between you and Nespresso do to i.e. credit check until Nespresso has sent you an email confirming the details of your subscription.

By setting up a Nespresso "Smart" subscription, you accept these Subscription Terms and also agree that Nespresso will invoice on a quarterly basis.

The types of Nespresso "SMART” subscription

You can choose one of the following three subscription options & maximum two subscription plans per VAT number:

  1. ZENIUS "SMART" subscription which includes: 600 coffees including delivery costs (delivered every quarter), loan of one ZENIUS Zenius Pro coffee machine (including installation), and one recycling kit per year (capacity of 4.500 capsules)
  2. MOMENTO 100 "SMART" subscription: 900 coffees including delivery costs (delivered every quarter), loan of one MOMENTO 100 coffee machine (including installation) and one recycling kit per year (capacity of 4.500 capsules)
  3. MOMENTO 200 "SMART" subscription: 1.500 coffees including delivery costs (delivered every quarter), loan of one MOMENTO 200 coffee machine (including installation) and one recycling kit per year (capacity of 4.500 capsules)

If your consumption exceeds the amount of capsules included in your subscription package, you can buy additional capsules for 4.10 kr per capsules (50 capsules minimum per variety and a minimum of 300 capsules per order). Freight will be added to additional orders which is currently 90 kr per order. However, if the order amount in value exceeds 3.000 kr freight is free.

Termination: on all of the above Nespresso Professional “SMART” subscription plans you can terminate 14 days before next quarterly renewal without any additional charges. The termination can be done via e-mail (info@nespresso-pro.se) or by phone 0200-211114.

Nespresso aims to deliver the quarterly volume 14 days before the next renewal (every 2.5 months). When the delivery has been arranged, we will notify you by email of the delivery date. We cannot guarantee to deliver on any particular date. In the event that a delivery cannot be made at the expected time, Nespresso will inform you by email or phone.

Changing your subscription plan

Whichever subscription plan you choose, you can change your plan every 2.5 months (before the next renewal) via phone (0200-211114) or e-mail (info@nespresso-pro.se). Any change you make will be implemented as soon as practicable.

If any product which you have ordered becomes unavailable, Nespresso will notify you as soon as possible.

Products and prices

Details of all Nespresso Professional “SMART” subscription plan products are displayed on our Website.

All prices are ex. VAT and including shipping.


We accept payment by invoice on a quarterly basis and payment is 20 days from delivery of goods.

Shipment and delivery

Products will be shipped by UPS to the delivery address specified. If the courier cannot make a delivery of the products it will leave a notice with a phone number to be contacted in order to arrange a new delivery date.

Aftercare service for products

If a product is defective in any way or if you have any questions or complaints about the products, please contact the customer relations via info@nespresso-pro.se or 0200-211114.


Your Nespresso Professional “SMART” Subscription will continue until you decide to cancel it.

You can terminate your Nespresso Professional “SMART” Subscription any time as follows:

  • You can cancel your Nespresso Professional “SMART” Subscription without liability for any reason within 14 days before every quarterly renewal via email or phone.
  • You will be charged for the next quarterly periode if the termination is not done 14 days before the next quarterly periode.

Premium Coffee Sweden AB 02/2020

Mariehällsvägen 37B, 168 65 Bromma, Sweden